Being a union member increases your job security and protects you from unfair treatment in the workplace.

This is the core benefit of being in the Union, but the ASU has also negotiated many additional benefits for members ranging from commercial offers to financial and legal advice. 

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Union Shopper

Just as Unions work to protect your workplace rights, Union Shopper works to protect your wallet by maximising the savings you make on a range of lifestyle benefits. The service is FREE, and you can potentially save thousands of dollars on your everyday purchases each year. In fact, the savings many members make each year can easily offset their union membership fees. You can find out more at

Union Benefits

Australian Unions Member Benefits are provided to every union member through the ACTU in partnership with your union. As a union member, you can take advantage of the collective buying power of more than 1.8 million members to get big discounts from a great range of companies. You can find out more at

Maurice Blackburn

Australia’s Number 1 law firm offers exclusive benefits for ASU members when they’re most in need, including often on a no win, no fee basis. Members are also entitled to a free will kit. You can find out more at

Superannuation: Vision Super

Vision Super is a strong performing industry super fund that works for its members through delivering low fees and strong risk-adjusted returns. We’ve been providing advice and guidance to help members work towards achieving their retirement goals for more than 70 years. We’re dedicated to building better futures for our members – our long history means they will benefit from our years of experience. You can find out more at

Cooperative Power

Cooperative Power is our electricity partner. ASU members can access an exclusive electricity offer to power their homes. Cooperative Power is done with the traditional energy model. They’re non-profit. They believe in the science of climate change. CoPower is a new way for people to buy clean, sustainable & affordable energy – and build a better future for us all. You can find out more at

There are many more benefits to being an ASU member, such as full and free access to ASU Career Launchpad; a career development platform with over a hundred professional development courses.

Your union membership is also 100% tax deductible.


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I thought about it but really just one sentence popped into my mind: I want to fight the good fight.
Shannon Li, ASU delegate

Climate action

ASU members organising for climate action. From extreme weather to climate disasters, changing work and cost-shifting by employers, workers are already experiencing the impacts of climate change. Psychosocial hazards are any factors at work that inc 1/03/2023