Climate action

ASU members organising for climate action

From extreme weather to climate disasters, changing work and cost-shifting by employers, workers are already experiencing the impacts of climate change.

All workers are facing a future with increasing levels of risk due to climate change, both inside and outside the workplace. But by acting collectively, we can win a safer and fairer future.

As an ASU member, you can get involved with our climate action network (CAN) and be skilled up for action with our extreme weather at work training.

Climate Action Network
The climate action network is your place to meet and organise with ASU members across Victoria and Tasmania. The CAN supports you to act in your workplace and links you with ASU members across our diverse industries to run collective campaigns, share knowledge and skills.

Share your perspective and interests in climate action through our ASU Climate Action Network Survey

Dates for 2024:
Wednesday 6 March | 5.30pm | Register here
Wednesday 3 July | 12.30pm | Register here
Wednesday 4 Spetember | 5.30pm | Register here
Wednesday 4 December | 12.30pm | Register here

Extreme weather at work training
Floods, heatwaves and bushfires. Extreme weather caused by climate change is getting worse. All workers and all workplaces can be impacted by extreme weather, so it’s important to know your workplace health and safety rights when it happens.

Did you know employers are responsible for controlling all known workplace risks to workers’ health and safety, including from extreme weather and climate change? Do you feel confident to cease work, on paid time, whenever there is a serious and imminent risk to workplace health and safety?

The extreme weather at work training equips you with the knowledge and tools to get organised with your co-workers for a climate safe workplace.


ASU members at Ballarat City Council – VOTE NO!

Ballarat Council have put your enterprise agreement out to vote with the ballot opening on Wednesday 19 June and closing Tuesday 25 June. 18/06/2024


Wannon Water ASU member meeting

ASU organiser Georgia Birch is visiting Wannon Water on June 20, 2024. 18/06/2024


Banyule City Council member meeting

The ASU have approval for a paid members meeting to discuss concerns. The meeting will be held for both BCC depots. We will hold the PAID meeting at the Waste Recovery Centre in the lunchroom. This meeting is for ASU members only, from both 18/06/2024