We’re here for you.

Harassed or discriminated in your workplace? The Australian Services Union is here to support you if you are experiencing harassment and/or discrimination of any kind.

As a union member, your first port of call is your local union delegate and shop steward.

Or you can contact us here.   

We’re here for you. Nobody should have to put up with harassment or discrimination in the workplace.

We stand up and fight for all workers because equality is union business. 


ASU Pride

“As a long-term member of the ASU, they have always been be my side in our fight for equality”

ASU members stand with members of the LGBTIQ+ community and actively support equality.

99% of the work we do as union members is about fighting for our right to decent, safe well-paying work. But that's one fight in a larger battle to build a just and fair society for everyone. 

We can't just build a just and fair society for everyone while our lesbian, gay, bisexual, transgender workmates are treated differently to other workers. They have to have the same right to happiness as every other union member and the same right to have their loving committed relationships treated equally.

AIM - ASU Indigenous Members

"Unions have always had a history with the Indigenous cultures here in Australia, so talking to other people and meeting other people in that situation actually made me feel like I was home more, that I was more welcome here" 

ASU Indigenous Members (AIM) share unique connections and interests. There are many Indigenous members working in industries covered by the ASU around Australia.

The ASU is active on Indigenous issues within the Australian Council of Trade Unions (ACTU) and the various state and regional trades and labour councils. 

ASU Award coverage for indigenous members

Large numbers of ASU Indigenous members work in the social & community services sector, local government and Aboriginal Community Councils and Organisations. In these industries ASU general industry awards cover the conditions of Indigenous members in the same way they cover non-Indigenous members. Some general industry awards cover particular Indigenous issues such as Cultural Leave. The ASU were leaders in ensuring that Torres Strait Islanders were included in this definition.

For more information about awards covering Indigenous workers, please contact us here. 

ASU Women

“The ASU has taken a very strong stand against domestic violence. That’s shown in the push for the “We Won’t Wait” campaign... they’re passionate about it, and for me as an ASU member that means a lot because it means that the women that I work with matter to my union”

The Australian Services Union draws on our collective strength to deliver better pay, conditions and support that is tailored to your unique needs.

Throughout our history, the Australian Services Union have fought for women to be recognised for their work. Our Equal Pay campaign, we delivered fairer pay for the female dominated, Social and Community Services sector when the Federal Government and Fair Work Commission recognised that women’s work was not being equally financially rewarded. This resulted in a 23 - 45% pay increase across the sector. This was the biggest win an Australian union has ever achieved for a female dominated industry.

The ASU struck the first agreement in the country to give workers domestic violence leave. This leave is now available to millions of Australians. 

Getting involved with your union means you can help drive campaigns for pay equity, quality jobs with family friendly work arrangements, improved superannuation, accessible and affordable child care and out of school hours care, and effective equal opportunity and anti-discrimination legislation. The ASU is alongside our members every step of the way.

Together, we can improve things for all of us. Why wouldn’t you want to be a part of that?
Darren Cunningham, ASU delegate

Climate action

ASU members organising for climate action. From extreme weather to climate disasters, changing work and cost-shifting by employers, workers are already experiencing the impacts of climate change. Psychosocial hazards are any factors at work that inc 1/03/2023