Delegates are ASU members like you who are leaders in their workplaces and our union.

They are the essential link between ASU members at each workplace and the broader union. Effective delegates can identify issues and provide information to officials of our union to make sure members’ rights and conditions are protected.

Delegates can provide representation, support and advice to members as well as build the union by providing information and raising awareness of union issues with staff. An ASU Delegate is someone who is your representative and is elected by you. They have voluntarily taken on the responsibility to support their fellow union members to make our workplaces better. 

Being an Australian Services Union delegate involves:

  • Ongoing training to improve your skills and knowledge;
  • Assisting members with employment related questions;
  • Talking to management to resolve workplace issues with support and advice from our union;
  • Promoting our union with new employees and non-union members to keep our workplaces strong, and
  • Updating members on agreement negotiations and assisting in preparing members claims.
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How are ASU workplace delegates elected?
As a member of the ASU, you will be invited to participate in any votes conducted at your worksite to elect workplace delegates.

The ASU office or an organiser will conduct the election, ASU members will have an opportunity to support or objections for the nomination.

If there is majority support for the nomination, the nominated member will be declared elected as an ASU delegate.

Australian Services Union Victorian and Tasmanian Networks:

Local Government Delegates Network
Local Government delegates meet regularly to discuss key priorities in the Local Government industry and to help drive our campaigns.

Aged Care Delegates Network
HACC delegates meet every two months to discuss issues of interest to the Local Government HACC industry. Becoming a part of this network is a great way to connect with other delegates within home and community care.

Social and Community Services Delegates Network
SACS Delegates and members meet regularly to discuss industrial matters of concern and interest to the Social and Community Services Sector.

Water Delegates Network
Water Delegates meet regularly to discuss industrial matters of concern and interest to the sector. Get involved to connect with other delegates.

Library Liaison Group
This is an active group of members who meet on a regular basis to discuss all aspects of working lives in libraries operated by councils.
I thought about it but really just one sentence popped into my mind: I want to fight the good fight.
Shannon Li, ASU Delegate

Climate action

ASU members organising for climate action. From extreme weather to climate disasters, changing work and cost-shifting by employers, workers are already experiencing the impacts of climate change. Psychosocial hazards are any factors at work that inc 1/03/2023