You’ve fought hard, and you’ve been incredibly patient throughout bargaining for the new YSAS enterprise agreement. While the road has been rocky, we believe we’ve gotten a really good outcome with improvements for everyone, and that you should VOTE YES to the new agreement.

You should read through the agreement yourself, but here’s the highlights as we see them:

  • no reduction in conditions
  • Additional annual leave to bring everyone up to at least 5 weeks per year (pro rata)
  • Parental leave increased to 10 weeks primary and 4 weeks secondary carer
  • Paid fertility leave
  • Paid gender affirmation leave
  • Additional OHS commitments
  • 3 days paid cultural and ceremonial leave for Aboriginal and Torres Strait Islander workers
  • Increased sick leave without certificate
  • Substitution of Jan 26 public holiday
  • Minimum classifications for common roles
  • Stronger union rights
  • Casual conversion after 6 months
  • For resi workers:
    • Penalties paid while on annual leave
    • Minimum staffing levels
    • Site closure provisions (no loss of pay)
    • Increased sleepover pay

Remember that this vote is about whether you want this agreement, not whether you’re happy with how management operated in bargaining.

Once the vote opens next week, we encourage you to VOTE YES, and to invite your colleagues to join the union that got this great agreement sorted –

For further information please contact:
ASU Organiser Tim Sullivan | 0475 888 168 |

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