Here’s a quick update on some things your ASU representatives are working on. 

Enterprise Agreement 

You’ve waited patiently for a full year, and the end is in sight!  

We’re at the stage of finalizing the draft agreement to go out to a vote in a few weeks, pending a few final matters. Once the final amendments are resolved, we’re confident we’ll be encouraging you to vote Yes for the agreement when that time comes.  

Twenty-three items from our log of claims were achieved, including all the priority items you identified throughout bargaining, with improvements to nearly all leave types and introduction of several new types of paid leave; additional protections and entitlements for resi workers; additional Union rights for ASU and ANMF delegates and members; and more!  

Professional development 

In the ERLF meeting this week, YSAS confirmed that they are working on a plan to reintroduce funding for professional development. While it’s not yet confirmed in full, it’s a good sign that they’re seeing the importance of your learning and development, after quite some time without much external learning being provided. Stay tuned for more info.  

PDR timing and pay progression 

We’ve recently raised with YSAS that we believe you’re entitled to pay increments at your anniversary date (back-dated as necessary) after completing your PDR. The story told by the enterprise agreement, award and PDR procedure are clear that this is the case. HR are looking into the matter and have assured us that they’ll comply with whatever the outcome is. Stay tuned on this too!  

Today is the day to invite your non-union colleagues to join the ASU at 

Questions? Contact your local delegate or ASU organiser Tim Sullivan | 0475 888 168 |   

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