After repeated requests over weeks and months, the ASU has finally gotten clarity from YSAS Management on how their new proposed roster will save them money in the running of the Residential Withdrawal and Rehabilitation Units.

Today, they have confirmed that they see the staff currently being broken up into 3 groups (the grouping is our wording, not theirs):

  1. Permanent/contract staff
  2. Casuals who do a regular pattern of hours (that is, they work the same or similar number of hours each fortnight)
  3. Casuals who do occasional shifts or work an irregular pattern of hours (that is, they may work 30 hours this fortnight, 9 hours next fortnight, and 20 hours the following fortnight for example).

YSAS have repeatedly stated in meetings and in writing that no worker will lose pay or shifts as a result of the roster change. Today they confirmed that when they said ‘no worker’ they meant ‘except for those casuals who do occasional shifts or work an irregular pattern of hours’. It is group 3 who will have less shifts available to them in the new setup.

Management have explained that all casuals are welcome to transition to permanent/contract arrangements, but the availability of shifts for those workers will be less than in the current roster overall.

If this impacts you and you would like to discuss it, please reach out to your delegate or
ASU Member Contact Centre | 1300 855 570 |

NB: Organiser Tim Sullivan will be on leave from 08/08 to 28/08.

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