The ASU is actively representing members impacted by the proposed changes to roles and rosters in YSAS Resi Units. As well as the meetings, emails and phone calls, we’ve answered some FAQs below.

Can they change our roster?
Your enterprise agreement allows YSAS to change your roster if they consult properly.

What is consultation?
In short, it means YSAS provides you information about the proposed change, how it’ll impact you, how they’ll mitigate negative impacts, and take feedback from you on it. This includes the meetings held at each site, the documents provided, and the invite for verbal and written feedback. They must now consider your personal circumstances, OHS risks and all feedback, prior to implementing change. The bar for consultation is quite low in the Fair Work Commission, so YSAS would be seen to be meeting their obligations currently.

What happened at the Shift Senior Workshop on Tuesday?
After some serious badgering from the ASU, YSAS has committed to everyone having a date for supervision in their calendar by COB June 7. Level 5s will be ‘invited to transition’ to Shift Senior roles after expressing interest instead of an application and interview process. YSAS also put forward a roster option that includes a sleepover shift at Glen Iris and Geelong, with more staff coverage through the day. As this is a new proposal, it would need its own consultation process if YSAS intend to proceed with it. See the slideshow from the workshop here.

Contact us to discuss your specific circumstances and concerns if they’re not addressed through this and other communications we’ve put out.

For further information please contact:
ASU Organiser Tim Sullivan | 0475 888 168 |

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