Your Enterprise Agreement
Negotiations for the 2022 YSAS Enterprise Agreement have begun and we’ve provided our log of claims (the list of what we want in the agreement). Those claims would make your working life better and make YSAS a preferred employer, to address chronic understaffing.

During the meeting, YSAS management stated their intention to exclude corporate services staff from the agreement, and keep costs down.

With the collective power of members we can get a good outcome regardless, but it won’t be easy. Our power lies in numbers, so encourage your colleagues to join the ASU today.

Resi Change Proposal
ASU Members at YSAS Residential Sites are facing significant changes to their roster and roles. While there’s some potential positive change involved, the negative impacts are very clear.

Written feedback from impacted members can go directly to Pat O’Leary at, and CC Tim Sullivan, on the details below.

Membership Growth
Due to workplace issues and agreement bargaining, YSAS workers are joining the ASU in droves, with membership currently higher than ever. That said, many of your colleagues still aren’t members, and studies show that the primary reason people aren’t in the union is that nobody asked them. So reach out and ask someone to join up today.

Your Delegates
The current list of ASU Delegates is as follows:
Preston | Jackie Green and Bede Selleck
Sunshine Visy Cares Hub | Taylah Kiely
Sunshine Outreach | Kat Topilnicki (parental leave)
Bendigo | Horace Wansbrough
Ringwood | Paul Mooney
Fitzroy Resi | Joelle Peters
Geelong Resi | Cat O’Halloran

If there’s no delegate at your site, or you could do with another, you can nominate yourself or someone else by contacting:
ASU Organiser Tim Sullivan | 0475 888 168 |

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