The ASU has recently been notified that some workers at Head Office are being asked to sign Individual Flexibility Arrangements (IFAs), to alter their working conditions. More about IFAs here.

We’re chasing up the detail of these IFAs, but we believe they’ll freeze your conditions, so that you won’t get any improvements when the new enterprise agreement is finalised. This means you’ll see your colleagues’ conditions improve while yours stagnate.

YSAS has made it clear that they want to cut Head Office workers out of the new enterprise agreement, and your bargaining team is working hard to stop that. Trying to get Head Office workers off the agreement through IFAs while we’re negotiating appears to be so that YSAS can say ‘There aren’t many Head Office workers on the agreement anyway, so why not write them out of it altogether?’

Just so you know, we won’t be falling for that line, if it comes our way.

For now, know this:

  • An IFA requires the individual employee and YSAS to agree to the terms – if you don’t agree, there’s no IFA;
  • You can’t be refused a job or have your employment terminated as a result of not signing an IFA – you can just say ‘No IFA thanks’;
  • You can end an IFA by giving 28 days written notice, as per Clause 11 in your enterprise agreement. So if you’ve already signed an IFA, you can end it by giving notice if you wish to; and
  • Your delegates and Organisers are by your side – contact us to talk about what’s happening at work.

To discuss this notice or to get advice, contact your local delegate or
ASU Organiser Tim Sullivan | 0475 888 168 |

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