Your ASU Bargaining Team attended the second meeting of the 2022 Enterprise Agreement Negotiations on May 25th. We presented the ASU Log of Claims, which was informed by you (see here) and the ANMF (the union that covers your nurse colleagues) presented theirs.

Management’s Log of Claims was sent out the night before the meeting, and they ran out of time to fully discuss it in the meeting, so will pick that up at the next meeting this Wednesday. For now, see here. The highlights are that management intend to:

  • Stop the agreement covering corporate services and admin staff (except those located at a ‘direct-service site’, which is as-yet undefined);
  • Restrict your use of statutory declarations for sick leave;
  • Remove all procedures from the agreement, giving them the opportunity to change those procedures as they like;
  • Make you use your TIL within 4 weeks of accruing it;
  • Require evidence for compassionate leave; and
  • Change your work location temporarily or permanently for operational reasons.

We’ve searched high and low in their log of claims and can’t find anything in there to sweeten the deal. So as it stands, their proposal is to strip your conditions and give you nothing in return.

We know that you’re ready to do what’s needed to get a good agreement, because that’s what you’ve told us. So we’re asking you to talk to your colleagues who aren’t yet members, about joining up today (they can click here) to make sure that they have a voice during bargaining, and to consider who’d make a good delegate for your site if you don’t have one already.

Questions or comments? See your delegate or

ASU Organiser Tim Sullivan | 0475 888 168 |

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