As you know, there’s a lot happening at YSAS, and the ASU is heavily involved in pretty much all of it.  

We thought it worth giving you an update on what your ASU Delegates and Officials are up to: 

Enterprise Agreement 

Bargaining for your agreement continues. We’re now about 12 months into the process and while the finish line is in sight, there are still some important matters to resolve, including: 

  • Hybrid Working Arrangements, to give you the same flexibility as workers in the same roles at many other employers; 
  • How minimum classifications are set; 
  • The amount of notice required for Resi site closures; and 
  • How the increased sleepover allowance is calculated. 

We’ve now got confirmation that YSAS will not seek to make any further changes (other than improving readability) to the agreement that haven’t been raised previously, meaning that we believe we’re on the home stretch.  

Eastern Resi Withdrawal Unit Closure 

AS you know, ASU members at the ERWU are facing redeployment or redundancy due to the closure of the 4-bed unit, with those 4 funded beds being added to the Geelong Unit.  

We’ll be keeping our eye on the process for ERWU members, as well as those in Geelong where the number of beds is set to increase.  

If you’re impacted by this and want support to ensure the process is conducted fairly, reach out to an ASU Delegate or contact the ASU Member Contact Centre on 1300 855 570 or  

If you have questions or comments about this newsletter, please contact ASU Organiser Tim Sullivan | 0475 888 168 | 

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