We are working hard to make your working life at YPRL better.

The ASU and YPRL are well into the Interest-Based Bargaining (IBB) process for your new Enterprise Agreement.

We are breaking new ground in collaborative industrial relations at Yarra Plenty Libraries, having formed a team that has committed to reaching an agreement that sees a WIN:WIN resolution.

Better two-way communication and genuine good faith commitment is a great start.

You will have recently received information from the “IBB Team” in the form of “Bulletins”, the ASU is a part of this process and we have agreed to share this information in conjunction with YPRL Management, bulletins will be available after each IBB meeting from here on in.

There is also another survey (sent out by your employer)! We hear your delighted cry!

In recognition that the process the ASU initiated involves everyone employed at YPRL, the IBB Team has worked hard to get a broader response. The ASU can hardly disagree, Unions strongly believe in the democratic process, so we encourage all of our members to take a few minutes out of your day to help us get the most out of this for your future benefit.

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