The ASU together with the ANMF were invited to participate in the inaugural meeting of the YSAS Employee Relations Liaison Forum (ERLF).

Attended by ASU organiser Karrie Bowe ASU Delegate Walter Dowie and YSAS leadership, including the CEO this meeting positive undertaking by YSAS to provide a platform for YSAS, Unions and staff representatives to work together on issues relevant to the agency and its employees. The objective is to build strong relationships as a foundation for robust discussion and to support cooperative responses to current and future challenges for the agency.

Consultative mechanisms are important for workplace democracy. The ASU encourages union members  to utilise their union representation in this forum , This forum will also be a mechanism for connection and information flow.

YSAS CEO Andrew Bruun gave a positive introduction to the meeting and presented ideas which were well received. The ASU looks forward to working with YSAS and our members in this consultative forum.

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