Benefits of membership

When you become a member of the ASU, your voice becomes one with other workers. This serves to rectify the imbalance of power in the bargaining relationship between an employer and employee. The more members of the ASU in your workplace, the more likely you are to get a favourable result at the bargaining table.

People join the ASU to have a voice in their workplace and industry and use this voice to protect and improve their rights by collectively acting as one. A union is only as strong as its members – the ASU could not deliver protection and improvements for members if it were not for active union members. Having an active workplace or industry means we are collectively stronger and so we can achieve better outcomes for individual members. That’s why the ASU aims to educate, organise and activate members to achieve beneficial outcomes – when members are empowered to solve industrial issues through active participation they can take control of their working lives.

It's a fact: Union members get better pay and conditions

Not only do union members earn more, statistics show they also have greater regularity in pay increases.

  • Employees that are under a union collective agreement earn on average $100 a week more than other employees
  • Union members also get better sick leave and holiday leave entitlements and are more likely to receive long service leave and paid maternity leave
  • Union members are better trained, have better working conditions, work fewer hours and have more job security

ASU members also have access to vast number of resources, including:

  • legal and industrial expertise if a problem arises at work
  • specialist advice for a large range of issues in the workplace
  • industrial advocacy at the workplace level, including expert negotiation through an agreement process
  • a union presence during any tribunal hearing that could affect your employment
  • paid training to better prepare you for any issues that may arises throughout your working life

Becoming an ASU member also entitles you to a large range of added services throughout everyday life, including:

  • home loan discounts
  • discounted financial advice
  • free legal service
  • advice on superannuation
  • discounted shopping prices on automobiles, insurance, travel and electronic goods
  • workers compensation through Union Assist

Your Union plenty to be proud about!

Members have a right to be proud of what the Union movement has achieved for Australian workers. The following are just some of the rights and conditions that have been fought for and won by the trade union movement:

  • The right for workers to form a union
  • Awards that provide minimum wages and working conditions
  • Sick Leave and Carers’ Leave
  • Annual Leave and Annual Leave Loading
  • Equal pay for work of equal or comparable value
  • Long Service Leave
  • Penalty rates for work undertaken on evenings, nights, weekends and public holidays
  • Paid public holidays
  • Periodic wage increases
  • Maternity, Adoption and Parental Leave
  • Protective clothing and equipment provided by the employer
  • Occupational Health and Safety Laws
  • Compensation for injury
  • Superannuation
  • The right to be given notice and to be consulted about changes at work