History of the ASU

The Australian Services Union, formed on July 1, 1993 is one of the largest unions in Australia with ten state branches and a membership of more than 140,000 and growing. Although registered as the Australian Municipal, Administrative, Clerical and Services Union (AMACSU) the Union continues to use the trading name of the Australian Services Union.

The ASU national office serves as a coordinating body for the state branches as well as its many regional offices. While the branches deal directly with the industrial needs of our members, the national office disseminates information, coordinates national campaigns and industries, and fulfils a number of the administrative responsibilities of the union, as well as acting as a contact point for international and national affiliations.

In 2010, the Victorian Authorities and Services Branch and the Tasmanian Authorities and Services Branch amalagamated to become the ASU Victorian and Tasmanian Authorities and Services Branch. Previous unions that came together to form this branch were:

  • Federated Municipal and Shire Council Employees Union (MEU)
  • Municipal Officers Association (MOA)
  • Australian Social Welfare Union (ASWU)
  • Australian Transport Officers Federation (ATOF)
  • Technical Services Guild (TSG)
  • Australian Shipping and Travel Officers Association (ASTOA)