The Omicron outbreak has put the entire disability sector under extreme pressure. Critical safety needs remain unmet by this government. As a result, the sector now is forced to put themselves at risk during the Omicron wave.

Now, we want to hear about your experiences at work during the Omicron outbreak. Take our short survey here.

Essential disability services workers, and those who rely on them, should not have to suffer because the Federal Government failed to plan for community safety.

Your voice is important.

Take a moment to complete this survey. Together we can highlight the urgent support that is needed now.

People living with a disability, service providers and disability workers cannot face the Omicron wave alone. We need clear action from the Federal Government, including:

  • Adequate PPE for all disability workers
  • Guaranteed Paid Isolation Leave for every worker
  • Workforce retention payments
  • Free and readily accessible RATS

Take our quick survey now.

By your side,

P.S Can you complete and share the survey with your co-workers.

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