Your ASU Organiser at Kingston City Council has recently changed to Lorraine Di Pietrantonio. Lorraine can be contacted by;

Mobile: 0400 986 745

If members have individual matters, we encourage you to contact the Members Contact Centre on in the first instance. Anything that requires to be escalated will reach your organiser.

Lorraine has recently returned from maternity leave and is eager to meet with members and work with the current delegates to build the union profile at Kingston City Council.

Your current Delegates are;
Alcina Barret-Kilby – Library
Iurgi Urrutia – Library
Pam Cameron – Home Care
Coleen Gordon – Home Care
Suzanne Hauff – Finance
Kate Marshall – Childcare

Getting Involved
There are many areas of Council which currently do not have a union delegate, if you are interested in stepping up and being more involved please contact one your ASU delegates listed above or your organiser Lorraine directly. Rest assured there is paid delegate training and a team of likeminded delegates to support you in your role.

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