At the most recent ASU organiser visits members requested a member meeting be called to allow for further discussion on issues affecting members. 

In response to this request your organisers have arranged two meetings. 

The purpose of the meetings is to have an open and constructive discussion on issues that affect your daily working lives. It’s also an opportunity to discuss the direction of the union at Yarra Ranges Council and contribute to the discussion on how we can build power and ready ourselves for upcoming enterprise agreement negotiations.  

The meeting for depot staff has been approved in paid time so please make every effort to attend: 

Date: Tuesday 4 July
Time: 7:00am
Location: Depot

Date: Tuesday 4 July
Time: 12:00- 1:00pm
Location: Sherbrook Early Learning Centre 

We urge you to attend to attend the meetings, by doing so you can contribute to the discussion and your attendance will demonstrate solidarity amongst our membership, sending a clear message that we stand united.

Chat to a workmate who is not yet a member of our union about the importance of joining the ASU as we continue to fight to improve your working lives.  It’s easy for anyone to join online at 

If you would like further information please contact your organisers Jacqui Ferreira or Joanne McEvoy 

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