The Enterprise Bargaining Committee met again on Wednesday, 28 November.


It is disappointing that prior to this meeting that management sent out an email which stated:

“The ASU has now tabled a log of claims.  This includes a demand for a 3 per cent increase per year for the next three years. .. This pay demand is a major sticking point for management.  Yarra Ranges Council is committed to meeting the State Government rate cap each year.  Council believes this is an important commitment to our community that we will keep rate increases down to more reasonable levels.”

In effect, Council are asking you to subsidise low rate increases by accepting low pay increases. They could choose to make cuts in other areas – but they won’t.

Rate capping is popular with ratepayers and voters but why should the Council and the State Government reap the benefits of this popular policy while you pay for it?

The ASU is calling all members to join us in stepping up our campaign on the State Government to change their current rate capping policy.

A Labor government should not be implementing policies that increase insecure work, cut wages and quality permanent jobs.

We need you
We invite all ASU members to sign up to become part of this campaign.

You can also:

The Enterprise Bargaining Committee will not be meeting again until January 2019.

If you have any queries please contact your ASU Delegate or call the ASU Member Contact Centre on 1300 855 570.

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