The ASU will be holding meetings via Zoom next week to discuss Yarra Ranges latest offer.

DATE: Wednesday 15 September (All Staff)
TIME: 1pm

DATE: Wednesday 15 September (Home Care Staff)
TIME: 3pm – 4pm

All members are urged to attend.

Members would be aware of Council’s intention to go out to a vote with their proposed document.

It has been apparent for some time that Council has had a set agenda to run its proposal come what may and that it wasn’t interested in adopting much in the way of the Unions’ claims.

  • Council’s proposal sees a wage increase of 2% but discounting the 1% increase to the Superannuation Guarantee, in effect a 1% wage increase.
  • This is one of the lowest wage increases on offer. Reasonable long term estimates for projected CPI increases (often short of the actual cost of living increases) project a 1.22 increase over the coming year, with an increase to 1.25 % by 2023. In other words, Council’s wage offer will see a real-term reduction in your spending power and the erosion of your wage’s value.
  • Increases to the employer superannuation contribution have been legislated for several years. Council has had ample time to make provision for a legislated increase that will apply to all employers, nationwide. To the best of our knowledge, YRSC is the only municipality to have proposed a discount to wage increases. Indeed it’s the only employer we are aware of to have asked members to pick up the tab for their own retirement.

Council’s proposal is not something we can support and we urge all members to vote NO to their proposal.

  • We would also encourage all members to attend next week’s briefing session by the CEO and ask the following questions:
  • Why has council not made adequate provision for increases to the employer contribution to superannuation despite having known of its likelihood for several years?
  • What value does council place on its employees by offering a real term cut to income when compared to cost of living increases?
  • Why does council feel it is appropriate for its employees to subsidise their own retirement?

Please share this information with your colleagues and urge everyone at YRSC to vote no to Council’s proposal.

For further information please contact:
ASU Organiser Jonathan Smallbone |

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