The ASU has been notified that Yarra Plenty Regional Library is consulting with the Executive Leadership Team and staff about a proposed change to the Executive structure. The review of the Executive structure has been undertaken by the CEO as a result of the resignation of a member of the current Executive Team and a review of Yarra Plenty Regional Library’s operational needs.

The proposed Executive structure would include three Executive Leadership positions (the current structure has four Executive Leadership positions), with a breakdown of proposed responsibilities as shown below:

Consultation has commenced with the Manager Knowledge & Information, Manager Public Participation and Manager People & Culture about proposed changes to their roles.

Consultation has also commenced with multiple employees regarding a proposed change to their reporting line due to the proposed new Executive structure.  Yarra Plenty Regional Library have indicated that any changes to reporting lines for staff as a result of the proposed ELT structure will not involve changes to the duties of those staff.

If you would like the ASU to raise any queries on your behalf please contact the ASU Member Contact Centre via the details below.

For further information please contact:
ASU Member Contact Centre | 1300 855 570 |

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