The ASU has been assisting members who are potentially affected by the Roster Change process currently underway across YPRL branches.

In the interests of transparency and collaboration, the ASU approached YPRL Management intending to open up the consultation process for discussion a couple of weeks ago.

The proposition put forward to management was that the ASU & Delegates meet with management at a pre-existing “consultative” meeting to discuss the overarching aspects of the change process, intending to reach a broad agreement regarding the principles being applied to assist our members through this proposed change.

The ASU also strongly suggested the consultation process be delayed until a semblance of normality returned to our lives.

The approach by the ASU was flatly rejected by management on both points.

Rather than working with the ASU collaboratively and transparently, YPRL has chosen a dark path; individual staff members have been provided with letters outlining the “proposed” change to their roster. Then direction is given that they must remain silent during secret consultation over a video phone link.

Rather than accept the argument for a little grace amid a global pandemic, during a declared “State of Disaster”, affecting everyone in Victoria, it appears YPRL management think there is room for a little more pressure and anxiety in workers’ lives.

Many staff have found their letter of secret changes far less beneficial from a remunerative and work/life balance perspective.

If you have been subject to this draconian approach or are concerned about changes to your roster, we can assist. The ASU has already assisted several members through this difficult process and we will continue to be by your side.

An urgent video meeting to discuss this is being arranged; details will be sent out soon.

For further information please contact:
ASU Organiser Dave Beckley |

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