Following long and protracted negotiations, and real commitment from ASU delegates, City of Yarra’s Enterprise Agreement was recently certified.

Soon after the vote, delegates debriefed and discussed the experience. The purpose was to talk about what worked and what didn’t, and strategies for the Enterprise Agreement to be implemented the best way possible.

Delegates from across the City of Yarra have begun meeting quarterly as part of the delegate committee.

The committee’s purpose is to identify areas where organising and growth is needed, provide information on issues in local areas, an opportunity for delegates to stay in touch and plan for campaigns and building power in the workplace.

Delegates have recently set up meetings to review the revised and new policies provided by management to ensure they are in line with the new Enterprise Agreement.

The delegates are motivated, active and strong unionists who believe in supporting, representing and contributing to the improvement of members working lives at their Council.

Each delegate brings a commitment to invest time and energy into activities, from developing their own newsletters, running info sessions on the new EA or attending induction sessions.

What motivates the delegates?

Barb Higgins is a long term delegate who has described what being a delegate means for her.

 “I have been a union member all my working life (44 years) and feel honoured to represent my workmates.

I think there is a need to bolster and support the members we have and work to improve the membership across the organisation. 

My observation is that many people don’t see the relevance of unions, or the need to belong to one. We need to show how we represent and support all members, across all areas and levels of council, that we are not radicals, that we are reasonable and only want to ensure our members are treated fairly, in accordance to the conditions they are engaged under and the EA and Awards that protect them”.

Newly elected delegate Jane Collins says: “I believe that working rights and workplace equality are being eroded nationally. Being a delegate helps me facilitate equality in the workplace”

If you are interested in becoming an ASU delegate at your council, speak to your ASU organiser or call the ASU Member Contact Centre on 1300 855 570.

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