Rate Capping is at the core of most problems plaguing local government

The pressure on council budgets is making the work of many dedicated council workers insecure, wages are suppressed, jobs opportunities are going unfilled.

But there’s something we can do about it.

Getting the Andrews Labor Government to change its terrible rate capping policy won’t be easy, but it will have real benefits for communities and council workers.

You can play a part right now by completing this very short survey about your experiences at work.

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Yarra Business Hit By Rate Capping

There’s no doubt that the Andrews Government’s rate capping policy is hitting council budgets hard.

Workers and communities take the hit from this bad policy.

At Yarra City Council, local businesses struggling with a global pandemic are being slugged $5000 a year to convert a single car park space into outdoor dining. Fees to start from April 1 with 25 per cent discount, then in full from October.

Cash strapped City of Yarra is changing businesses more than double charged by neighbouring municipalities for the chance to operate in a covid-safe way outdoors.

And the reason?  The Andrews Government’s rate capping policy means councils are squeezing communities each day – even businesses trying to trade during the pandemic.

The Andrews Government’s rate capping policy needs to change.

Rate Capping Pushing Councils To The Brink


The Andrews Government’s rate capping policy is squeezing the budgets of every local Council In Victoria.

For local communities, that means services aren’t keeping up with demand, and infrastructure isn’t maintained as it needs to be or being built to service the needs of fast-growing communities.

But at Moonee Valley City Council, the situation is dire.

Moonee Valley’s Draft 10 Year Financial plan puts insolvency of the Council just 2 years away.

“A review of the indicators show that the Council is insolvent by 2023/24 if the current level of revenue and expenditure is maintained. One reason the Council’s financial position has deteriorated in recent years, is the introduction of rate capping by the Victorian Government in 2016.”

There is a crisis in local government that needs to be addressed immediately by the Andrews Government.

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