The YACVic Agreement will be voted on shortly- important dates are:

Access Period – Current- 28 June COB

Ballot Dates – from 1 July

The ASU encourages members to consider both the improvements, reductions and shortfalls when voting on the agreement. Negotiations have been lengthy, ASU delegates believe that there are good gains, and the time has come to settle the agreement.

If the agreement is voted up it will be in place for 4 years. If the agreement is voted down your employer may choose to continue to negotiate or not.

Several gains have been secured, however the employer has proposed some reductions in entitlements and also denied inclusions that would have strengthened the Enterprise Agreement.

These gains, proposed reductions, and denied inclusions are listed below.

Gains in the proposed Agreement:

  • ASU Family Violence Clause
  • Cultural and Ceremonial Leave with agreed paid days
  • End of Year shut down provision of paid days between Christmas and New Year.
  • Inclusion of “Significant other” in the definition of Family
  • Commitment to maintain all staff at least 2% above minimum rates
  • The 2% above minimum rates to be back dated to July 1 2019, after the agreement is endorsed by Fair Work Australia ( a process that could take up to 7 months)
  • After the Equal Pay Remuneration order expiring December 2020 YACVic commits to support any further mechanisms to improve pay outcomes and also the 2% above minimum rates will factor in CPI in the event that pay outcomes available from July 2021 are below CPI.
  • Redundancy after 9 years stays at 16 weeks
  • Job search entitlement of one day per week during notice period.
  • All allowances to always be 2% above minimum rates
  • Provision of remuneration if an employee works more than 20 days away from home (overnight)
  • Superannuation on Paid Parental Leave
  • Provision of ADO”s for full time staff
  • Compassionate leave now at 3 days plus 2 days travel
  • Commitment of 2% of each employees gross wages towards Training and Professional Development

Loss and/or reduction of current entitlements:

  • Role of Consultative Committee in  implementing  the EBA
  • Change to spread of hours from 8am -6 pm to 7am – 7pm, although all parties have agreed to this changes it presented the opportunity for more flexible work arrangements
  • Trade Union Leave wording was up to 10 days per Delegate now wording states “20 days over 2 years as an entitlement to be shared amongst Delegates”, with an extra 10 days if YACVic grows beyond 80 employees. Previously each every Delegate had up to 10 days available over 2 years, now the days are to be shared, so this restricts the number of days available if our Delegates numbers were to increase
  • After a third contract renewal transition to a permanent role. This has been removed.
  • In the event of disciplinary action the ASU sought the clear right to representation for its members. The employer has chosen to use the word support. We have asked if the intention is to weaken the rights of our members. No acceptable clarification has been provided.

Clauses ASU members sought but have not achieved

  • If staff are required to be away from home to carry out their duties then a week’s leave will be available instead of remuneration, only the equivalent of up to one day leave was secured via purchase leave
  • Protection from salary absorption was not secured for staff paid more than 2% above minimum rate. Over time this could be reduced to the maximum of 2 % above minimum rates.
  • Incremental progression can be denied in the event that “new and enhanced skills were not secured”, wording to prevent this occurring was denied, however wording to offer some protection to challenge an unfavourable outcome has been secured.

We would like to take this opportunity to thank delegate David Trevorrow and active member Karen Walsh for all their hard work and dedication which has secured a number of gains.

For further information please contact ASU Delegate David Trevorrow or:
ASU Organiser Giancarlo (Chaz) Volpe | 0428 734 459 |

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