ASU delegates and organisers met with management on 14 April, for a briefing on the ‘Future of Work’ at Wyndham. A broad overview was provided about management’s plans to return workers to the office.

Key messages:

  • Management favours a hybrid model where workers can spend part of their week working from home and part in the office.
  • A trial will commence on 27 April, with 50% of workers permitted in the office. At the Civic Centre, this means a cap of 257 workers.
  • Team leaders have been told about this and will be contacting their teams to discuss who will return and on what days.
  • Workers will have to book desks to work from. 40 spaces will be designated for people with special circumstances who need to regularly work from the office.

This is initially a trial, with plans to increase capacity beyond 50% as time goes on. The ASU will monitor the implementation of this trial and will raise any operational issues on behalf of our members.

As we move from pandemic emergency to working from home as a regular part of working life, issues remain about working from home including occupational, health and safety issues with desk setup. The ASU will be raising WFH and any trial issues with management in the coming weeks. Please let your delegates know if you want issues raised in these discussions.

If you have concerns about the trial return to the office and how it might impact your individual work situation, contact your ASU delegate or ASU Member Contact Centre at 1300 855 570 or

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