The ASU will be holding members meetings to discuss the current offer from Management. Management has proposed that we rollover the current agreement for twelve months with a pay offer of 1.75%. We want your feedback!

Outdoor Members
DATE: Thursday 21st April
TIME: 7am – 8am
VENUE: Hoppers Crossing Depot

Indoor Members
DATE: Thursday 21st April
TIME: 9am – 10am
VENUE: Civic Centre Conference room 2 or via teams Click here to join the meeting

All Members
DATE: Thursday 21st April
TIME: 3pm – 4pm
VENUE: via teams Click here to join the meeting

DATE: Friday 22nd April
TIME: 7am – 8am
VENUE: RDF lunchroom

Your ASU Organisers and Delegates will be present at the meeting and will be seeking your views regarding managements current offer.

The more members we have the stronger we are, so talk to your colleagues, bring them along the meetings next week and discuss with them the importance of union membership. They can join the ASU online at

For further information please contact:
ASU Organiser Zoe Edwards | 0474 333 463 |

Join the ASU today


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