Last Tuesday, ASU took Council to the Fair Work Commission over proposed redundancies in the Facilities Management team it appeared advertisement of an EOI for bundled facilities management had predetermined the outcome of consultation with the affected workers.

Additionally, ASU was not convinced that a Best Value Review had taken place and that the EOI was outsourcing work currently undertaken by our members.

The commissioner was convinced otherwise, expressing a view that Council could explain the EOI/tender process and the restructure were not related and that the EOI was only for services that were already being undertaken by contractors.

To satisfy the Commissioner, Council was asked to write to ASU members, detailing how the EOI for services and restructure in the facilities management team were separate processes. The ASU has received correspondence from Council, which satisfies the Commissions request, and closed the matter in their view. You can download the letter here.

ASU will continue to support members through the consultation, and should it be found that there is outsourcing, resubmit an application to the Fair Work Commission.

ASU stands by our assertion that it appears functions performed by our members are being outsourced. Hopefully consultation will address these concerns, and we will continue to advocate for the retention of local jobs with Council.

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