The ASU has spoken to WRRG representatives this morning and we have been advised that the Government has agreed to the ASU claim to introduce a Transmission of Business clause in the new enterprise agreement.

At our last members’ meeting, ASU members endorsed a proposal to reach a quick agreement with management that would deliver a 2% pay increase in 2022 (paid in two 1% instalments), so long as a Transmission of Business clause was introduced in the EA to address continuity of service issues and govern the terms and conditions of employment for people transferring to the new entity. ASU members told us you want the clause to stipulate that WRRG employees moving to the new entity will get the benefit of the superior terms and conditions in place in the new entity (e.g. the VPS agreement).

An ASU Members meeting is taking place at 12.15pm today via Teams. Please email Gayle Seddon, ASU delegate at MWRRG if you have not received an invite to this meeting at

At this meeting, we will consider and endorse a Transmission of Business Clause to put back to management.

Management will need to consider this detailed clause and have indicated that they also need to update the agreement to reflect changes to legislation. The ASU has requested these changes in writing.

Final agreement is subject to both parties agreeing to this detail.

Once the WRRG and ASU have agreed, we will be able to proceed to apply to Government for formal approval and then certification through the Fair Work Commission.

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