Bargaining to formally commence

Yesterday, you will have received a copy of the Notice of Representational Rights. This is a formal document that is required by the Fair Work Act to commence bargaining. You don’t need to do anything in response to this document because the ASU is automatically your representative. Gayle Seddon, ASU delegate and Zoe Edwards, ASU organiser will be your representatives at the bargaining table. As you know, we have already had discussions with management and have in-principle agreement about the wage increase, the inclusion of the transfer of business clause and a roll over agreement. We will keep members updated about the formal bargaining process.

Legal win for ASU member

Last week, the ASU secured a significant win for an ASU member after an application to the Fair Work Commission.

The ASU member had applied for long service leave and had their application denied after the MWRRG refused to recognise their previous service. The ASU’s view was the member was entitled to long service leave as their previous service was covered by the enterprise agreement clause. We sought to resolve the legal dispute with management, but they refused to recognize the members entitlement.

The ASU was forced to lodge an application in the Fair Work Commission and at the 11th hour, after obtaining legal advice, the MWRRG agreed to recognise the members entitlement to long service leave. It shouldn’t require a legal application to get the MWRRG to honour the enterprise agreement and pay their legal entitlements. This demonstrates why it pays to be a member of your union. Congratulations to the member for standing up for their legal entitlements!

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