As we are sure you’re aware the Victorian State Government has increased COVID-19 restrictions to Stage 4 and as a result, has meant some workers across the state have been stood down from their job.

The ASU has been advocating with the State Government to ensure that workers employed by Victorian councils in the Working for Victoria Program should remain being paid their full contracted hours even if they are stood down as a result of Stage 4 restrictions.

The State Government have confirmed that all WFV contracts will remain in place during the stage 4 restrictions and all workers will be paid if they are stood down and cant work.

If you are stood down your employer is required to:

  • Attempt to find you alternate duties
  • Provide training. (online or other)
  • If you are employed casually, the council should be paying you still
  • Stand downs are only to occur as a last resort.

If you have been stood down as a result of the stage 4 restrictions and advised you are not going to be paid, you need to call the ASU Member Contact Centre immediately.

The ASU will advocate on your behalf and have this matter rectified as quickly as possible.

If you have any other WFV related enquires please contact the ASU member contact centre on 1300 855 570.

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