This year is a busy year for energy agreements in the transition and distribution companies as well as the retail side of the industry.

Agreements have just been reached and lodged with Zinfra covering both the old ZNX Staff covered agreement and a transitional agreement covering the former Jemena employees who transferred across to Zinfra.

The Zinfra Testers agreement is edging closer to what will hopefully be a resolution and  the ASU is working to develop a log of claims for Ausnet’s EA negotiations, due to kick off later this year.

On the regulatory side of the industry the ASU has met with members at Energy Safe Victoria prior to commencing bargaining for their new EA.

The ASU is currently in the process of doing the same for Energy Australia and will be meeting with members at the metro side of the business prior to starting negotiations.

Across the energy industry the ASU works to protect, promote and improve the working conditions and entitlements of members.

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