ASU members at Darebin City Council are determined to reduce the rise of contractors at council that undermine current employment conditions by bringing in insecure workers on lower conditions.

Over the last 10 months, ASU members have been reporting an increased number of external contractors in ongoing full-time positions in all departments at council.

The ASU has requested information from Darebin on the number of external contractors engaged by council. But bizarrely Council management claims not to know the current number of contractors as each department operates as an individual unit.

Council has provided information on the number of vacant positions, casual positions and temporary positions, but still claims not to know the number of external contractors!

We don’t believe them and have raised serious concerns at the consultative committee about council’s failure to provide this requested information.

We expect to get genuine answers to these serious concerns.

Until a couple of months ago, contractors at Darebin wore a different colour lanyard than directly employed council staff, this made contractors easy to identify among council workers.

A change of policy, supposedly because management did not want contractors to feel they were different from other workers, now means contractors wear the same lanyards as directly employed staff.

Despite it being more difficult to identify contractors, the ASU delegate team will be conducting an audit in all departments to find out the number of external contractors across council.

This audit will help us identify externally contracted positions which should be either full-time or part-time on-going positions at Darebin City Council.

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