The Australian Services Union protests, promotes and improves the working conditions and entitlements of members.

And right now the union is working to get the best possible outcomes for all ASU members at the Qantas Hobart Contact Centre at Goodwood.

Qantas has advised the ASU that they will be opening up expressions of interest for voluntary redundancies at the contact centre.

We don’t see any need to rush this process. There are many unanswered questions that need to be resolved before the offer of voluntary redundancies goes out.

We are asking Qantas for detailed information on the future model of operation for the contact centre  and have set out the need for information that fully informs Qantas contact centre workers.

The ASU will work to make sure the process is conducted fairly and reasonably and that all employees know the reasons for the offers of redundancy.

So members have fuller information, we are also seeking to find out how many redundancies they are willing or able to accept, and the impact that these redundancies will have on the remaining employees.

We’ll be keeping the interests of all members at the front of every discussion with Qantas management.

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