Recently you received a letter from your employer informing you of your classification level under the SCHADS Award. The SCHADS Award classification structure has been adopted under your new draft Agreement.

Your classification determines your pay level, so it’s important that it must be right.

WDV has requested that staff raise any concerns before the 23 of February.  We urge you to seek information and ask questions if there is something you don’t understand or agree with today.

However, all employees have the right to seek a reclassification if their role and duties change or if they believe that it is incorrect. Please see clauses 15.4 & 15.5 of your new Enterprise Agreement.

How can I tell if my classification level is wrong?

To review your classification level you need to read your position description against the classification descriptors of your agreement.

These can be found in Schedule A of the WDV Agreement on page 44.

If members are interested in learning more about reviewing their classification the ASU can hold a session with interested WDV members to provide some general guidance on how to do this.

Reclassifications are not easy arguments to win, but if the weight of evidence is sufficiently strong the ASU may be able to assist existing members raising these concerns.

If you have questions about this email please contact your bargaining representatives Bridget Jolley, Liz Wright or Carly Myers.

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