Women with Disabilities Victoria’s bargaining process is wrapping up! There is one key action left for workers, however, and that is voting! Every staff member at WDV now votes to accept or reject the EBA that your bargaining committee and management negotiated. If most staff vote to accept the enterprise agreement, it is sent to FairWork to be certified. If not, we must go back to the bargaining table.

The good news is that ASU members voted to recommend that staff vote to accept the enterprise agreement! How you vote is completely up to you, but ASU members believe that there is a lot to recommend this agreement. Organising members to vote as a bloc is a key pillar of union power in the workplace. By voting together, we have more control over our workplace conditions.

Women with Disabilities said that they would open voting from today for three days.

ASU members, despite believing the agreement had many positives, found it hard to make the decision to recommend the agreement due to a late move by WDV management to exclude the Disciplinary Procedure (Clause 8 ) from the Dispute Resolution Procedure  (Clause 7) of the WDV Agreement. Despite our objections and request that the board reconsider, they did not agree. Bargaining representatives and members were bitterly disappointed but weighed the decision and voted to recommend the agreement.

ASU members want their concerns to be on-the-record and formalised, especially for future EBA bargaining. Therefore, the ASU and the bargaining committee will send a joint letter to the CEO and Board of Directors detailing our displeasure with the way the changes to Clauses 7 and 8 were introduced.

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For more information please contact
ASU Organiser Corina Parkwell | 0409 258 943 | cparkwell@asuvictas.com.au


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