You are probably aware from internal discussions and recent ASU communication that we have had to revisit the draft agreement that you have previously voted on.

Essentially the WDV board was required to seek a new legal opinion on the draft and this has led to some revisions. Your workplace representatives Bridget, Carly and Liz have participated in these conversations. Your representatives have actively been seeking your views. If you have not already discussed this issue with one of your ASU representatives, please take the time to send an email or call them Monday morning.

Most changes are small and inconsequential, however, Maddox (the legal firm) has advised WDV to exclude the disciplinary procedure from the scope of the Dispute Resolution Procedure. This is a significant change and we are keen to hear your views on this.

Our understanding of the reason behind this is that Maddocks wants to limit the risk to the employer of aspects of a disciplinary matter being disputed.

While your ASU representatives see that the ability to raise a dispute with your employer if the process is not fair as insurance against abandonment of natural justice.

ASU representatives have represented your interests to management but they need to hear from you, as if WDV and our members are determined to hold to their respective positions we may need to seek your assistance or take the matter to the FWC.

For further information please contact Carly, Liz or Bridget who have been working hard to ensure your agreement meets the standard of the agreement you voted to approve and represent your best interests.

Now is a great time to ask a non-member to join the ASU via

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