Your agreement was close to being finalised last year. The board sought a legal review of the agreement and have returned to discuss some changes to discuss with ASU members. We are still close, however, we need to provide WDV with your views.

DATE: Tuesday 30 November
TIME: 12pm – 1pm

Most of the proposed changes are benign, however here are a couple of concerns. The most important of these is the proposal to remove the capacity for an employee to have a dispute about a disciplinary process. This exists to ensure that employees have a right under the process to raise a concern if the process or outcome is unreasonable.

ASU members bargained and achieved this outcome for all staff at WDV and due to an external legal review, it is now proposed that this be removed. We now seek ASU members’ direction on this issue.

We will also provide an overview and some detail about the other changes proposed.

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For further information please contact:
ASU lead Organiser Jane Karslake |

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