Bargaining has now commenced on the Enterprise Agreement (EA) for Women with Disabilities.

ASU Organiser Madeleine Henderson met with ASU members and then with Helen Gwilliam and some staff representatives on 16 July for our first official bargaining meeting.

An Enterprise Agreement determines the terms and conditions under which you are employed. It is an Agreement between the employer and its employees that remains in force for a determinant amount of time (up to 4 years).

There are some exciting clauses being worked on and some impressive gains for Women With Disabilities staff members that are in reach, however we require some bargaining representatives from the staff group to be formally nominated and to provide input and liaise with staff members throughout the process.

Please let Helen or Madeleine know if you are interested in stepping up as a staff representative. This role is important, as you will need to provide the invaluable opinion of employees at WWD, and you will also need to report back to the broader ASU membership with updates on how the process is going.

Please let us know by 26/07 if you are interested in nominating.

As most of you will know, we are looking at a clause for disability leave to be included in the EA. This would set a precedent as there are no other organisations currently in Australia that have certified clauses that relate to a disability leave entitlement. This exciting progress will require a lot of work as we need to get the wording and definitions right. For this to become a reality, we are seeking interested staff members to self-nominate to help me with research and making sure that this clause is as good as we can make it. Please let me know via email if you are interested in helping  with this.

As the EA is ultimately a negotiation between the organisation and its employees, we need to prioritise what is of the greatest importance to members. Your input is extremely valuable in helping determine this.

I would like to have another meeting with members at Women with Disabilities so that we can discuss this and have a strategy moving towards the next meeting. Please let me know if there are preferences as to when this is.

Our next EA bargaining meeting with Helen is scheduled for 13 August 2019.

For further information please contact:
ASU Organiser Madeleine Henderson | 0409 677 506 |

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