The ASU and ANMF have been meeting with representatives of council on a fortnightly bases to progress the consolidation of the Enterprise Agreement. 

This is the process whereby we merge Part B (the award) into Part A.  This process is very technical however at the end of the consolidation process we will have a much more user-friendly document.   

Conditions are not improved on or reduced during this process; merely merging of the relevant clauses and removing clauses which don’t apply.

Once the parties are in agreement with the finalised document, we will then commence negotiations. We will shortly be seeking your views on what type of improvements you would like to see during the Enterprise Negotiations process. 

Council have flagged however that they are proposing to impose an ‘administrative payment’ of 2% or $27.50 in recognition of the cost of living pressures and due to negotiations not concluding by the time the next pay rise is due.   

We expressed that the administration payment should be in line with the rate cap amount of 3.5%. Council has not agreed to this.  

It is important to note: the administrative payment is NOT an agreement on what we are agreeable to for the pay rise for year 1 of the agreement.  We made this abundantly clear, this amount would then need to be topped up once agreement on wage increases has been determined.  

We will be holding meetings to discuss the EA process and log of claims. 

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