ASU representatives have been working with Wodonga Human Resources to consolidate your enterprise agreement over several months. 

Consolidation is a process whereby we merge Part B provisions into Part A – this makes the document much more user-friendly.   

This process has recently concluded and the ASU is doing a final review to ensure all provisions have been moved across correctly. Members are not to have their conditions altered in any way (more or less beneficial) through this process. 

Once the final review has been completed the parties will look to commence negotiations on a new agreement.  

As such we need to establish a log of claims – this is a wish list of the improvements members are seeking which the ASU will advocate on your behalf to get into the new agreement. 

We will be holding member meetings shortly across council; however we have also created a short survey for you to fill in to provide feedback. 

Survey link is here: 

It is critical that we hear from you! It is also critical that we have strong membership leading into these negotiations to put us in the best position possible in achieving these improvements!  Talk to a colleague about joining the union or step up and become more involved through our delegate structure.  Together we are stronger.  Joining is easy- just follow this link! 

For further information please contact: Your ASU delegates or
ASU organiser Shane Lumsden | 0488 243 858 | 

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