Your ASU bargaining team (delegates Tina Cavanough, Jason Fok and Yvette Ajani, ASU organisers Tash Wark and Elspeth Cridland) are meeting with management (Jonathan Gosden, Tracey Olive and Elisa Kelly from Meerkin & Apel lawyers) fortnightly.

We’ve worked through yours and management’s Log of Claims, giving initial responses.  For the record, management said no to the vast majority of our claims and we’ve said no to a number of theirs. This serves as a starting point for more detailed discussion and negotiation, which we’ll bring back to members meetings.

We’re currently working through a draft EBA to ensure that there is no loss of conditions. This draft consolidates our current EBA and “Part B” (the former Victorian Local Authorities Award 2001).

While doing this, we’ve compiled a list of items we’ll need to seek further direction from you in members meetings, including:

  • infectious diseases leave
  • payment of leave loading
  • RDOs for full-time staff
  • changes to the dispute clause

Remember, we’re negotiating for you – so we’ll need your direction/input via meetings, surveys, etc to have your say!

At members meeting we’ll also discuss the State Government direction to dissolve all regional library corporations by 2030, and what this will mean for staff working for library corporations – like us!

Members meetings are planned for January 2022 will be held in person and online.  Dates, times and locations out soon.  Minutes of EBA meetings can be found on WAMhow.

WML ASU Delegates:
Tina Cavanough – based at BOX – ext. 4329 or personal # 0409 673 476 (please leave a message as don’t usually answer calls from unknown numbers)

Yvette Ajani – based at NUN – ext. 8618 or personal phone 0417 039 712

Jason Fok – various branches, incl. BOX and NUN – personal phone 0431 661 590

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