On Tuesday we recommenced EBA negotiations with a meeting between ASU delegates and organisers, WML management and their legal representation and Elisa Kelly from Meerkin & Apel.

At the meeting the ASU and management Logs of Claims were tabled.

View the ASU Log of Claims, developed with and endorsed by ASU members here.

The management Log of Claims consisted of 18 items. Many were cosmetic changes, things that had changed in practice so needed updating in the EBA, e.g. removing reference to mileage for 6-cylinder cars. Some other items need further detail from WML, which we’ll report back on.

Items of note in the WML log include:

  • Change to span of hours: That’s the hours in the day you can work without attracting penalty rates. Currently it’s 8am – 9pm Monday – Friday. WML to confirm proposed change.
  • Change to casual conversion: making it available after 12 months vs 6 months currently allowed and putting the onus on staff to apply, rather than management to offer. Casual conversion is the provision for casual staff who work the same regular shifts every week for six months to become permanent part-time, thus gaining access to sick leave, holiday leave, etc.
  • Dropping the amount of annual leave you can accrue, from 8 weeks to 4 weeks, except by special agreement with HR.

The Log of Claims will be discussed further in future fortnightly meetings, from Tuesday 16 November.  The ASU bargaining group will send out regular updates, but if you have any questions please contact your delegates.

WML ASU Delegates:
Tina Cavanough – based at BOX – ext. 4329 or personal phone 0409 673 476
Yvette Ajani – based at NUN – ext. 8618 or personal phone 0417 039 712
Jason Fok – various branches, incl. BOX and NUN – personal phone 0431 661 590

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