ASU members and delegates at the CFA demonstrate the vital role of workplace activism in making workplaces safer for all workers.

They have bravely pushed for an investigation into workplace culture after the legal suppression of a previous report. And ASU members lobbied hard for District Mechanical Officers to have presumptive rights because of the exposure to toxic environments and chemicals that are part of their work.

They recently took the same activism to the barraging table when negotiating a new PTA Enterprise Agreement. As a result, they were able to remove unfair restrictions on the type of work they could do during emergencies.

In the face of strong opposition, including a legal challenge in the Federal Court, this significant change only happened because of the relentless work of ASU delegates and members.

Because the ASU’s negotiating team’s efforts were supported by CFA workers, the victory in the ballot for the new PTA Enterprise Agreement was overwhelming.

This is another excellent example of workplace leadership from ASU delegates and steely resolve from active ASU members.

Huge congratulations to everyone involved.

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