The ASU has been working closely with Tasmanian Councils impacted by the closure of public-facing services due to COVID-19. We’ve been making sure workers continue to have useful work, and that stand-downs are a last resort.

Due to the ASU’s coverage of Local Government and the Social and Community Services sector, the ASU has been able to assist with building networks across the two sectors.

Tasmanian Councils including City of Launceston and Burnie City Council have taken the initiative to provide useful paid work for employees through offering workers the opportunity to “volunteer” for Community Service organisations and provide assistance to valuable programs such as Red Cross Meals on Wheels, City Mission and local Community Houses.

The North West of Tasmania has been hit hard by COVID-19 with many workers unable to undertake their usual roles due to restrictions. Still, ASU members from across Burnie City Council have stepped up to take on something new and at the same time supporting their community.

In the north of the state, a number City of Launceston workers from Council’s Visitor Information Centre, Leisure and Aquatic Centre, Queen Victoria Museum and Art Gallery (QVMAG) and Parking departments have taken the opportunity to be paid as usual by their employer for undertaking useful work for local community service organisations.

The City of Launceston sees responding to the pandemic as an opportunity to demonstrate its values of “we care about our community” and “our people matter”. The organisation is providing meaningful work at council, and doing its part to help some of the agencies who are struggling during this difficult time.

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