ASU members who look after the care, welfare and education of littlies in the City of Stonnington have had a win after council unsuccessfully tried to reduce their Accrued Days Off.

Council management claimed that these dedicated essential workers were not entitled to a full Accrued Day Off if they had taken any personal leave during the 4-week accrual cycle.

But ASU members weren’t about to let management unilaterally reduce their entitlement to Accrued Days Off, and the ASU was by their side the whole time

ASU delegates and officials were convinced council management’s proposal to reduce Accrued Days Off was in breach of the enterprise agreement.

So when Council management wouldn’t withdraw this penny-pinching proposal, the ASU lodged a Dispute under the process set out in the enterprise agreement.

Because of the workplace leadership of ASU delegate Anne Syer, and the industrial expertise of ASU officials, council management relented.

Early years workers at Stonnington used their collective strength to protect their interests and will not have their Accrued Days Off reduced.

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