ASU members at Melbourne Water have been successful in their campaign to protect their pay and conditions.

To keep Melbourne’s water flowing, Water Supply Operators are often called into work at weekends or late at night – foregoing time with friends and family.

They have longstanding employment conditions where they are paid yearly allowances for being available, to cover weekend penalty rates and overtime.

Melbourne Water’s plan was to cut the annualised payments for overtime, and those to cover weekend penalty rates, from February. This would have cost water supply officers up to $14,000 a year.

As a union dedicated to protecting and prompting the working conditions of members, the ASU lobbied Melbourne Water urging that any discussion about annualised payments should be delayed until we are negotiating the next Melbourne Water Enterprise agreement.

Melbourne Water management accepted the ASU’s position and agreed to discuss any changes as part of the next round of enterprise bargaining.

This is a fantastic win for those union members who stood up and refused to accept this unfair pay cut.

But the battle is not over. Melbourne water will be pushing hard to cut the conditions of water supply officers, and the best way to resist this is as part of a strong and active union.

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