Vehicle and equipment maintenance workers who attend fires will soon have a presumptive right to compensation. This means District Mechanical Officers will not have to prove your role is the cause of specified cancers contracted while working.

Cranbourne DMO and ASU delegate Glenn Mumford joined ASU officials to lobby MPs, in support of this change. Glenn’s stories and experiences were clearly influential given the number of speakers who mentioned them in the parliamentary debate

This huge win for DMOs was unequivocally supported by the ASU.

Congratulations to ASU delegates and members who have been crucial to the success of this fantastic reform. And thank you to DMO and ASU delegate Glenn Mumford for coming to Melbourne to lobby MPs.

The ASU will always stand up for DMOs rights at work.

Only the ASU has stood up for the safety and interests of DMOs, so speak with your workmates who are not yet members of our union and encourage them to join.  It’s easy for anyone to join online

For more information please contact
ASU Organiser Matt Price |

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