Community sector workers do important and difficult work. On top of this taxing work, ASU community sector activists push to improve the sector and working conditions of those who deliver services communities rely on.

After years of pushing a strong agenda, ASU members had a big win with the election of the Albanese Government.

Before the election, Labor committed to

  • Ensure that funding is adequate to cover increases in Award wages as determined annually by the Fair Work Commission
  • End race to the bottom in wages
  • Ensure funded paid Domestic Violence Leave in all community sector contracts
  • End the culture of short term funding (by introducing minimum 6-year funding contracts)
  • Increase the number of permanent and full-time positions in the sector
  • End gag clauses and fund advocacy
  • Not fund for-profit providers in community services like homelessness, domestic violence services

Labor has also committed to 10 days paid family and domestic leave for all workers

When delivered, these commitments will make a big difference to the lives of workers delivering commonwealth funded programs.

Now is a great time to stop and acknowledge the progress ASU members have made to improving the lives of community sector workers

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